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Fair Trade.
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We are WILD.

We are bold.
We dream.
We create.
We are free.
We don't make any concessions.

Discover the secret behind Belgium legendary chocolate legacy:

  • A tradition of quality perpetuated from centuries with high cocoa content and pure cocoa butter.
  • A selection of the finest cocoa beans from different locations to obtain unique savours.
  • A mastered and precise savoir-faire with special attention given to roasting and grinding (15 to 18 microns) during the developing process.

The protection of the environment is one of our top priorities.

We are working with organic farmers who maintain and replenish soil for cacao trees without the use of chemicals to preserve local habitats and increase biodiversity.
Our cocoa beans and other ingredients are grown naturally without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. No artificial flavouring is added in order to privilege the natural savours of all the ingredients.
Fair Trade
Fair Trade.

Delight your senses with the greatest respect.

We are proud to be part of the Fairtrade Foundation that helps fight poverty and child labour in developing countries and allows thousands of farmers to earn a decent living.
our Chocolate Tablets

Our Chocolate Tablets

Tame a chocolate with an indomitable spirit.
5 tablets, 5 different personalities.
Milk tablet


Tender and affectionate, she will take you back to the innocence of childhood.
Milk tablet


almond, caramel and sea salt

Sweet and daring, let yourself be charmed by her liveliness.
Milk tablet

72% Dark


Assertive and radiant, she knows no borders.
Milk tablet

80% Dark

Competitive and mysterious, uncover all her secrets.
Milk tablet

85% Dark

Enchanting and provocative, she will bewitch all your senses.

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